The year in brief


For the 2015/2016 financial year the Group is reporting growth in both sales and profit, which is attributable mainly to completed acquisitions, but also from an increased focus on cost. The decline in investments in oil and gas in Norway heavily affected the Group's earnings while the business situation in markets outside the Nordic region has improved during the end of the year. During the financial year, the Group completed ten acquisitions, adding annual sales of about SEK 640 million. Cash Flow from operations amounted to SEK 474 million during the financial year.

Q1 Varying but positive market

During the first quarter business was relatively stable, but the market variations in terms of geography, customer segments and product segments prevail. One acquisition was made.

Q3 Continued high acquisition pace

During the third quarter, the business situation in the Nordics was more positive than outside, despite continued difficult market conditions in oil and gas in Norway. Four acquisitions were made.

Q2 Growth through acquisitions

The demand decreased significantly in oil and gas in Norway, while the demand was good in markets outside the Nordic region. In Sweden and Denmark the demand was strong in several segments. Three acquisitions were made.

Q4 Focused core business

The business situation outside the Nordic region improved, and in the Nordic countries sales were positive. Addtech’s shareholdings in AddLife were distributed through an IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm. Two acquisitions were made.

Dynamisk graf: Net sales and operating profit, year
Dynamisk graf: Net sales and operating profit, quarter
  2015/2016 2014/2015 Change, %
Net sales, SEKm 6,155 5,719 8
EBITA 536 510 5
EBITA-margin, % 8.7 8.9  
Operating profit, SEKm 443 431 3
Cash flow from operations, SEKm 474 557 -15
Earnings per share, SEK 4.85 4.70 3
Shareholders' equity per share, SEK 22.10 22.60 -2
Return on working capital (P/WC), % 38 44  
Return on equity, % 20 28  
Equity ratio, % 40 40  
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All data in this report refer to continuing operations, excluding the distribution of AddLife, unless otherwise stated. All figures regarding the income statement refer to continuing operations retroactively from 1 April 2014. All figures regarding the balance sheet refer to continuing operations from 31 March 2016 without retroactivity for earlier periods.
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