The year in brief


In the 2016/2017 financial year, Addtech reported growth in both sales and earnings. Our strong profit growth and improved operating margin increased through higher sales of our solutions and products, combined with  successful efficiency work. During the year, ten acquisitions were made, adding annual sales of around SEK 500 million. Cash flow from operating activities during the year totalled SEK 551 million.

Q1 High pace of acquisitions

The business performed well during the quarter. Both sales and earnings increased organically and via acquisitions. The selective cost-savings implemented started to deliver a positive impact on earnings. Four acquisitions were made.

Q3 Strong demand

Demand during the quarter was firm and the economic situation in our markets stabilised.
We continued to grow in all four business areas. Three acquisitions were made.


Q2 Positive earnings growth

The Group continued to perform strongly and grew despite the challenging economic situation. The selective cost-savings implemented delivered a positive impact on earnings and the operating margin improved.

Q4 Strong finish

The quarter brought a strong finish to a year of profit growth in all of our four business areas.
The business climate improved and the operating margin continued to strengthen. Three acquisitions were made.

Dynamisk graf: Net sales and EBITA-margin, year
Dynamisk graf: Net sales and EBITA-margin, quarter
  2016/2017 2015/2016 Change, %
Net sales, SEKm 7,178 6,155 17
EBITA 715 536 34
EBITA-margin, % 10.0 8.7  
Operating profit, SEKm 604 443 36
Cash flow from operations, SEKm 551 474 16
Earnings per share before dilution, SEK 6.60 4.85 36
Earnings per share after dilution, SEK 6.55 4.85 35
Shareholders' equity per share, SEK 25.45 22.10 15
Return on working capital (P/WC), % 53 44  
Return on equity, % 28 20  
Equity ratio, % 39 40  
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All data in this report refer to continuing operations, excluding the distribution of AddLife, unless otherwise stated. All figures regarding the income statement refer to continuing operations retroactively from 1 April 2014. All figures regarding the balance sheet refer to continuing operations from 31 March 2016 without retroactivity for earlier periods.
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