Addtech’s vision is to be the leading value-adding tech provider. The vision entails a long-term focus on developing the business by constantly being a value-adding knowledge provider. To achieve that vision we must run our business sustainably. Addtech aims to meet the sustainability requirements and expectations set by customers, shareholders and employees and to promote sustainable technological development.

We take long-term responsibility for sustainable development of profitability, employees and the environment. Global and local demand for lower emissions and greater sustainability in society are making sustainable products and solutions into a competitive asset in the technology trading market. We aim to be a better choice than our competitors and focus actively on meeting this demand. With a structured sustainability programme, we are developing the business to make it both stronger and more sustainable, for example by highlighting the potential for savings and improvements, as well as the risks. We are also meeting this demand by ensuring that our companies are committed to developing and offering solutions that increase customers’ energy efficiency and reduce their negative environmental impact. By continuing to develop sustainable solutions for our customers, we increase our competitiveness while helping to bring about a sustainable society.


Addtech’s aim is to create value for its five stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society. During the year, a new stakeholder dialogue was carried out, indicating that the areas of highest priority in sustainability were development of products to take account of environmental impact, business ethics and liability for suppliers, creating and delivering economic added value and looking after our employees and their health. It is in these areas that our sustainability work will be conducted, which we bring together within three categories: economic, social and environmental value added.

  • Economic value added. Financial strength is a cornerstone of our ability to invest in sustainable development, and Addtech is dedicated to ensuring that we are both competitive and cost-efficient.
  • Social value added. The key to continued sustainable business development and success at Addtech lies in the long-term relationships we have built with our employees, customers and suppliers. To uphold our good reputation, we must maintain high quality and a high standard of business ethics in all our undertakings. We strive at all times to be a responsible operator.
  • Environmental value added. Conservation of the environment is an important part of our strategy. The aim is to minimise our environmental impact and we therefore focus actively on cutting our carbon dioxide emissions, raising the proportion of renewable energy consumed in our operations and finding ways of using natural resources more efficiently and carefully. The subsidiaries are also actively working to develop more energy-efficient solutions for their customers.


The sustainability report is an important part of the sustainability work of the Addtech Group as it focuses on these issues so that employees, shareholders and other stakeholders are given the opportunity to take part of the development of the work. The reports are the basis for the Group's further development within sustainability. Some of the topics presented are the Group's energy consumption, carbon footprint, employee turnover, and employee occupational health and safety.

In our separate sustainability report for 2016/2017 more information on how the Group works with sustainability issues, goals and follow-up can be found. Please, see

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