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The information regarding shareholdings and call options relates to 31 May 2018.

  • Johan Sjö

    Johan Sjö

    M.Sc. Econ.

    Born in 1967. Director, President and CEO. Director since 2008. Employed in the Group since 2007. Other board assignments: Chairman of AddLife and OptiGroup and director of Bergman & Beving. Professional experience: Senior management at Bergman & Beving and Alfred Berg/ABN Amro. Ownership: 10,080 Class A shares, 212,136 Class B shares and call options corresponding to 87,750 shares (incl. associated).

  • Malin Enarson*

    Malin Enarson*

    M.Sc. Econ.

    Born in 1973. Chief Financial Officer. Employed in the Group since 2004. Professional experience: Business Controller Addtech Power Solutions. Several roles within the finance function at Addtech. Auditor Mazars (SET) Audit Office. Shareholding 0 B shares. Purchase options corresponding to 13,900 shares (incl. associated). *Malin Enarson was appointed CFO on May 31, 2018, after the end of the fiscal year. CFO in 2017/2018 was Christina Kassberg.

  • Patrik Klerck

    Patrik Klerck

    M.Sc Mechanical eng.

    Born in 1969. Business Area Manager of Components. Employed in the Group since 1995. Professional experience: Leading positions within Addtech and Bergman & Beving. Ownership: 10, 523 Class B shares. Call options corresponding to 36,000 shares (incl. associated).

  • Hans Andersén

    Hans Andersén

    Electric Power Engineer

    Born in 1961. Business Area Manager of Energy. Employed in the Group since 2006. Professional experience: CEO and owner of AB Gevea and Business Unit Manager Energy Supply. Ownership: 74,504 Class B shares. Call options corresponding to 64,500 shares (incl. associated).

  • Anders Claeson

    Anders Claeson


    Born in 1956. Executive Vice President and Acting Business Area Manager of Industrial Process. Employed in the Group since 1982. Professional experience: Various managerial positions at Bergman & Beving. Ownership: 308,685 Class B shares. Call options corresponding to 78,000 shares (incl. associated).

  • Niklas Stenberg

    Niklas Stenberg

    Bachelor of Laws

    Born in 1974. Business Area Manager of Power Solutions. Employed in the Group since 2010. Professional experience: Leading positions at Bergman & Beving, prior to which he was an attorney-at-law. Ownership: 20,734 Class B shares. Call options corresponding to 63,000 shares (incl. associated).

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