The Articles of Association stipulate that a registered auditing firm must be selected as auditor. The 2017 Annual General Meeting elected KPMG to serve as the Company's auditor until the close of the 2018 Annual General Meeting. Joakim Thilstedt is the Auditor in charge, assisted by Jonas Eriksson.

The Company's auditor works according to an audit plan that includes comments from the Board and reports his or her findings to company managements and business area managements, Group management and the Board of Addtech AB. This takes place during the audit and when establishing the annual accounts. KPMG audits Addtech AB and practically all its subsidiaries. The Company's auditor also takes part in the Annual General Meeting, describing and commenting on his or her audit work.

The independence of the external auditor is regulated in a special directive decided by the Board. It states the areas in which the services of the external auditor may be used regarding issues that are not part of regular auditing. The Company’s auditor continually assesses its independence of the Company and submits written affirmation to the Board each year stating that the auditing firm is independent of Addtech. In the past year, the auditors performed advisory assignments, mainly concerning accounting, taxation issues and listing rules.

Quarterly review by auditors

Addtech's six-month or nine-month reports were not reviewed by Addtech's external auditors during the 2017/2018 financial year, which deviates from the rules of the Code 7.6. Among other things, after consultation with the Company's external auditors, the Board has so far judged that the benefit and additional cost to the Company of extended quarterly reviewing by the auditors cannot be justified.



Chosen auditors KPMG AB

  • Joakim Thilstedt

    Auditor in charge

    Authorised Public Accountant, Stockholm. Born 1967. Joakim Thilstedt has been auditor in charge for the Addtech Group since 2016/2017. He also serves as auditor in charge for companies including ÅF, Modern Times Group MTG, Ahlsell and L E Lundbergföretagen.

  • Jonas Eriksson

    Assistant auditor

    Authorised Public Accountant, Stockholm. Born in 1974. Jonas Eriksson has been the assistant auditor for the audit of the Addtech Group since 2013/2014 and is also involved in auditing companies including AddLife AB, Knowit AB and Synsam AB. Jonas is also in charge of auditing in Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) and numerous medium-size companies, including Carglass Sweden AB and the Silva Group.

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