Future prospects and events after the reporting period

Future prospects

Addtech operates on an international technology trading market where demand is largely influenced by macroeconomic factors. Group companies operate in different but carefully selected niches, resulting in a smoothing effect between sectors, geographical markets and customer segments. Our independent companies continually work to adapt to changes based on their market and the competitive situation.

Historically, Addtech's continuous pursuit of profit growth, profitability (P/WC) and development have provided good average value growth. Our cash flow and financial position form a stable foundation for continued long-term profitable growth based on the same mission.

Events after the reporting period

On 3 April 2018, Synthecs Group, Netherlands, was acquired to become part of the Components business area. The group provides automation components and systems in the field of sensors, machine vision, industrial PC' s, Plc's etc. to the industrial sector in the Benelux. The company has sales of around EUR 14 million and 50 employees.

On 3 April 2018, Addtech acquired Xi Instrument AB, Sweden, to become part of the Energy Business Area. Xi Instrument imports electronic devices primarily for use in equipment for locating underground utilities. The company has sales of about SEK 13 million and two employees.

On 9 April 2018, KRV AS, Norway, was acquired to become part of the Industrial Process business area. KRV is a leading supplier and installer of sprinkler systems in Norway. The company has sales of about NOK 50 million and 27 employees.

On 9 April 2018, Scanwill Fluid Power ApS and Willtech ApS, Denmark, were acquired to become part of the Components Business Area. ScanWill designs and manufactures hydraulic pressure boosters, while Willtech produces expansion plugs for permanently sealing drilled holes in metal. The companies are being merged under the name of ScanWill and have sales of about DKK 13 million. The companies have four employees.

On 31 May 2018, Malin Enarson was appointed new CFO at Addtech while former CFO Christina Kassberg will leave the company.

On 19 June 2018, an agreement to acquire Duelco A/S, Denmark, to become part of the Energy business area, was signed. Duelco has strong positions within the product segments cable attachment, cable entry systems, office solutions, ward panels, machine safety and equipment cabinets for signaling systems. The company has sales of around DKK 110 million, and 30 employees. The closing is estimated to take effect in July 2018.

Proposed allocation of earnings 2017/2018

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The following amounts are available for distribution by the Annual General Meeting of Addtech AB:  
Retained earnings 491 SEKm
Profit for the year 181 SEKm
672 SEKm
The Board of Directors and the CEO propose that the funds available for distribution be allocated as follows:
A dividend paid to shareholders of SEK 4.00 per share 1) 268 SEKm
To be carried forward 404 SEKm
672 SEKm
 1) Based on the number of shares outstanding at 31 May 2018. The total dividend payout may change if the number of treasury shares repurchased changes prior to the proposed dividend record date of 3 September 2018.
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