The key to Addtech’s continuing sustainable business development and success lies in the long-term relationships we have built with our employees, customers and suppliers. To uphold our good reputation, we must maintain high quality and a high standard of business ethics in all our undertakings. We strive at all times to be a responsible actor.


Addtech’s employees are our most important resource and competitive instrument. They drive our business development and contribute to social development. We nurture employees’ interests by developing them towards greater responsibility within their own company or in other parts of the Group. As our employees develop, so we also obtain an internal leadership supply.

Addtech organises its business on the basis of decentralised responsibility for profitability and earnings. This involves a high presence of motivated, creative and decisive employees who can prioritise between work tasks yet lift their gaze and look ahead. In order to succeed in this, Addtech works to maintain an open and positive approach to people, capitalising on the full potential of employees, whatever their position and level of responsibility. We emphasise the importance of taking account of the distinctive character of each individual employee. It is the very differences that create the dynamics that have made Addtech successful. Our employee philosophy is about being an attractive employer, creating a workplace where employees are happy, developed and proud to work. 

Corporate culture that leads the way

To measure up to our vision of being the leading value-adding tech provider, we must comply with our corporate culture and core values. We call this Addtech’s soul. Our culture helps our employees relate to their responsibilities, customers, partners, colleagues and the outside world.

Responsibility and Freedom are two of Addtech’s core values and are summarised as “Freedom with responsibility”. This is a central concept within the Group and a key prerequisite to enable subsidiaries and employees to work closely with customers and suppliers. Our decentralised organisation is based on our conviction that decisions achieve the best results when they are taken close to the market.

Over time, Addtech’s corporate culture has become a deeply anchored root system that links employees and subsidiaries. It also paves the way for Addtech’s future, and all employees are trained in the corporate philosophy via the Addtech Business School. In total, there are five core values that should permeate employees’ work. Freedom and responsibility have already been mentioned; the other three are simplicity, efficiency and change.


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