We set high standards for our suppliers

Addtech’s good reputation is one of our strongest competitive assets. Because we make great demands of integrity and ethics in our own operations, it is natural to do the same with our suppliers as well. We work closely with our suppliers and review them regularly to ensure that the whole value chain is working to the same ethical objectives.

The demands on our suppliers, regarding human rights, business ethics and environmental work are gathered in a specific code of conduct for suppliers.No incidents involving human rights violations have been reported during 2017/2018 or earlier years.

Addtech’s supplier chain

The major share of Addtech’s sales consists of products and solutions from global and market-leading suppliers. We have a large number of suppliers across the world and the major share of purchases come from suppliers outside the Nordics, in Europe, the USA and Asia. The fact that the largest share of production takes place outside the scope of our operations naturally represents a certain sustainability risk. On the other hand, our relationships with our suppliers are often longstanding and involve close collaboration on how the supplier’s products can be used in a variety of customer applications. This benefits quality, price, lead times and customer satisfaction, and at the same time gives us the opportunity for constructive dialogue on the supplier’s sustainability risks and development. Addtech is also constantly seeking new suppliers who can complement or boost the development of our business. 

Supplier evaluations assure sustainability in our value chain

The aim of supplier evaluations is to ensure that Addtech’s companies work with ethically responsible suppliers and that the whole of our value chain operates according to the same ethical objectives. Our work with supplier evaluations has continued during the year. Suppliers are evaluated from a social and environmental perspective. The ambition is to work with our suppliers and to review them regularly in order to bring about positive change.

At the group, business area, and company level there are special minimum requirements for evaluation of suppliers to be met within a three-year period. Specific targets apply to new suppliers, possible risk products and risk charts. During 2016/2017, the Group-wide system and process for supplier assessment underwent further development for continued roll-out during 2017/2018.


Business ethics is high on our agenda, representing an issue that is continuously addressed, for example in the Addtech Business School. Guidelines on anti-corruption are set out in the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. We have a stated policy of zero tolerance of corruption, bribes and unfair anti-competitive practices. No cases of corruption were found to have occurred during the year.

Child labour

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention (no. 138) concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment, and the ILO’s convention (no. 182) concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour serve as guidelines for all activities conducted in our name. No incidents involving any breach of these conventions were reported during 2017/2018.

Labour law

All our companies and suppliers must, under our Code of Conduct, at least meet the minimum requirements of national legislation in the area of labour law. Guidelines regarding labour law are set out in our Code of Conduct. Addtech has a zero-tolerance policy on forced labour and works actively to assure itself that no breach of regulations takes place in our operations or our value chain.

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