Employee surveys

To monitor our long-term, strategic work on personal development, we regularly conduct employee surveys. That way, we identify the Group’s strengths and weaknesses as an employer, as well as mapping areas for improvement.

From a Group perspective, the survey creates the scope for us to offer our companies support where we identify general needs, while enabling us to disseminate knowledge and ideas from successful companies around the Group. Addtech’s Group management encourages the CEOs of each Group company to produce an action plan based on the company’s specific findings, as the size and conditions of the companies can vary considerably. The findings from the employee survey are also used as a basis for our long-term, strategic work on personnel development.


96% (96) of our workforce is permanently employed and 93% (95) of our employees work full time. Contract employees are mostly used to replace regular employees in the case of illness or other absence. The fact that our employees enjoy secure employment is not just a work environment issue, it is also an important factor in obtaining continuity in the organisation and enabling us to build long-term relationships.

Occupational health and safety

Health and safety are a priority area. We have a zero vision for work-related accidents, illnesses and incidents, and an ambition to focus constantly on promoting health and well-being among our employees. The aim is that no-one should suffer physical or mental ill-health caused by his or her work situation. At Addtech’s companies, potential risks of work-related illnesses and accidents exist, but such risks also exist in the sales process, for example during travel to and from customers and during visits to customers’ factories or other facilities. During the year, 29 injuries (22), 21 cases of occupational diseases (17) were reported and absence due to illness amounted to 2% (2), well below the average in Sweden. There were no fatalities.

Employee turnover

We strive to ensure the well-being and personal development of our employees so that we can both retain key skills and recruit new talent. In 2017/2018, overall employee turnover was 12% (13%). Average length of employment is about 10 years.

Dynamisk graf: Rate of employee turnover

Skills development

Addtech’s development and competitiveness are strongly linked to the personal development of employees and their well-being. We therefore encourage our companies to cooperate with each other. The exchange of experience and skills contributes to the development of the Group, companies and employees. Examples of internal networks that strengthen corporate culture and expertise include our own business school, CEO meetings and partnerships between subsidiaries, business areas and business units.

The Addtech Business School is for all employees and represents an important platform for spreading corporate culture and developing, training and motivating our employees. The School’s various courses offer employees training adapted to their particular experience and duties and are aimed at both new employees and senior executives. It is important for our salespersons to receive thorough training in business skills, which they can combine with their in-depth skills in their specific product areas. Training in Addtech’s “Vision and Corporate Philosophy” is held in connection with the acquisition of new companies.

Another important part of the work on skills development and employee well-being is annual performance appraisals and development reviews. We aim for all employees to have a personal development review every year. The process of implementing a new method for performance appraisals and development reviews has continued in 2017/2018 and documented reviews were conducted with 62% (62) of our employees during the year.

Equal opportunity and diversity

We do not permit discrimination or harassment in any form. All employees must be given the same opportunities for development regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, political views, sexual orientation, disability or other distinguishing features. Guidelines for equality and diversity work are set out in the Code of Conduct.

The technology trading industry has historically been male-dominated, and still is. Addtech’s ambition is to continually increase the proportion of women. The proportion of women and men in the Group shall at least reflect the general gender distribution in the industry, and the proportion of graduates from institutes of technology. It is also Addtech’s aim for all employees in the Group, irrespective of gender, to be given the same opportunities for equal pay for equivalent work. In order to detect and resolve any differences, we review salary differences annually at both Group and Company level.

Dynamisk graf: Gender distribution
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