our role in society

Addtech also creates value atsociety level. We create jobs, advance the development of competitiveness in value-adding technology trading and contribute via tax payments.

Addtech’s companies have strong local roots and their operations are often based in small towns. When making acquisi­tions, we therefore seek to remain in those locations, nurturing and developing the skills that ex­ist there. Our aim is to contribute to strength­ening the community in which we operate by pursuing an invigorating and long-term policy in our business activities. We endeavour to recruit new employees locally and to of­fer jobs to young people. We want to cre­ate the right conditions for local growth by means of active and constructive dialogue with the local community.


We play our part in and contribute to our collective prosperity via employer’s social welfare contributions and taxes. Compliance with local tax laws and regulations must be observed in all our countries of operation. 

Targets for social value added

Addtech shall provide a workplace where employees are happy and develop their capacity. To uphold our good reputation, we must maintain high quality and a high standard of business ethics in all our undertakings. To achieve this, we strive to ensure that:

  • that we have the most satisfied employees in the sector
  • that we offer a workplace that promotes diversity and equal opportunity
  • that no employees suffer physical or mental ill-health as a result of their work
  • that all employees, operations and suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct
  • that every year we increase the number of suppliers who have undergone our supplier evaluation
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