Industrial process

Industrial Process markets and sells solutions, subsystems and components that contribute to optimised industrial process flows. Customers have an emphasis on industry in northern Europe.


Industrial Process focuses on developing customers’ business benefits and offer service and product solutions that help streamline customers’ solid, liquid or gaseous industrial process flows. The added value created involves more competitive products, resource savings, positive environmental impact, time gains and other favourable outcomes that help improve quality and profitability for the customer. The solutions are customised and applied in a wide range of areas. 


Through their technical expertise the subsidiaries hold leading positions within several narrow niches. High development and innovation rate for industrial process flows and increased demands for reduced environmental impact drives the pace of investment. Competition is relatively hard but for companies who work closely with customers and offer high technical competence, efficiency and system solutions, the competition is much lower.

Dynamisk graf: Net sales, geographic market
Dynamisk graf: Net sales, customer segment



Good organic growth, combined with a successful efficiency drive produced strong growth in earnings and a clear improvement in operating margin. Sales to the manufacturing industry continued to show positive growth for the year, especially in customer segments such as the mechanical industry and special vehicles. Demand from customers also continued to grow within the processing industry and the ship supply market.

Key financial indicators 2017/2018 2016/2017
Net sales, SEKm 1,677 1,585
EBITA, SEKm 142 125
EBITA margin, % 8.5 7.9
Return on working capital, % 40 38
Average number of employees 642 639
Acquired annual sales* - 110
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

One sector where the business area expanded strongly during the year was sales of measurement systems for ships. With new environmental regulations imposing stricter demands on emissions from ships, investments in e.g. measurement equipment rises. Increased need for inspection and analysis of e.g. fuel consumption and purity and composition of discharged process water will affect not just the marine sector, but also industries such as the paper, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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