Power Solutions

Power Solutions develops, markets and sells components and system solutions that ensure power supply, as well as operation and control of movements or energy flows. Customers mainly work with special vehicles and telecoms.


Power Solutions focuses on creating automated systems. The companies often work with the customer during the design phase, allowing them to be involved in controlling and optimising the end product. Most of the customers are therefore OEM companies, but also a large number of end users. The business area has developed a large range of its own strong brands and has significant development expertise and niche production.


The business area is one of the Nordic region's largest independent distributors of batteries and has agents for several leading global brands. The companies hold cutting-edge expertise and leading market positions in their respective niche areas. Demand depends on developments in the markets for special vehicles, energy and the electronics industry. Rapid technological development drives demand for technically skilled companies that can contribute in the products' design phase.

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Business conditions continued to vary from one customer to another and among product segments, but overall demand was stable during the year. The biggest customer segment in the business area, special vehicles, showed high demand, and we increased sales of control and ergonomics products. The market for new types of battery technology developed strongly, while demand for traditional battery solutions declined. In the telecom and wind power customer segments, business conditions remained weak, whereas demand from electronics-based customers increased.

Key financial indicators 2017/2018 2016/2017
Net sales, SEKm 1,510 1,439
EBITA, SEKm 198 187
EBITA margin, % 13.1 13.0
Return on working capital, % 64 72
Average number of employees 397 305
Acquired annual sales* 160 60
* Refers to conditions at the time of acquisition on a full-year basis.

The strongest increase in demand during the year came from manufacturers of special vehicles, in segments such as forklift trucks and mining and forestry machinery. In pace with the growing need for raw materials, and as more and more goods are being shipped worldwide and logistics management is taking on an increasingly important role, the need for modern special vehicles is also on the rise. Many such vehicles use systems solutions and products from Power Solutions. 

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