Net sales in Components in the third quarter increased by 25 percent to SEK 962 million (767) and EBITA increased by 37 percent to SEK 93 million (68). Net sales during the period increased by 30 percent to SEK 2,802 million (2,153) and EBITA increased by 45 percent to SEK 298 million (205).


Demand for production components from Nordic manufacturing companies increased during the quarter. Good volume growth and favourable market conditions were recorded in most major customer segments, including machine manufacturing, special vehicles, energy and electronics. Demand was solid in all the business area’s geographical markets during the quarter. Sales increased in Sweden, Norway and Finland and was stable in Denmark. Higher sales, in combination with acquisitions, have created strong earnings growth and good operating margins.



Net sales in Energy in the third quarter increased by 37 percent to SEK 607 million (442) and EBITA increased by 23 percent to SEK 54 million (44). Net sales during the period increased by 24 percent to SEK 1,713 million (1,379) and EBITA increased by 10 percent SEK 174 million (159).


The market for infrastructure products for the primary and regional grids remained favourable in the Nordic region. The underlying demand in this market is positive and sales growth over the quarter was good, but increased competition in combination with continued efficiency measures adversely affected operating income. The business climate in niche products for electric power distribution and the manufacturing industry, as well as for products in building and distribution, remained stable at a high level.


Industrial Process

Net sales in Industrial Process in the third quarter increased by 42 percent to SEK 603 million (426) and EBITA increased by 48 percent to SEK 48 million (32). Net sales during the period increased by 30 percent to SEK 1,598 million (1,232) and EBITA increased by 42 percent to SEK 148 million (104).


Demand for products for emission measurement and cleaning in the marine segment continued to rise considerably in the third quarter. Demand also increased in most customer segments in the Nordic process industry. Sales to the manufacturing industry remained stable. Developments for our operations outside the Nordic region were highly positive. Overall, we recorded very satisfactory organic growth.


Power Solutions

Net sales in Power Solutions in the third quarter amounted to SEK 384 million (398) and EBITA increased by 11 percent to SEK 56 million (50). Net sales during the period amounted to SEK 1,183 million (1,145) and EBITA increased by 14 percent to SEK 169 million (148).


Demand was stable during the quarter, but business conditions varied among customers and product segments. Demand improved in the wind power market and the business climate in the electronics market was stable. In telecom, sales on the systems side increased but were still low on the operator side. The biggest customer segment in the business area, special vehicles, experienced high demand, and we increased sales of our own-developed control and ergonomics products.



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